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Garden Membership Agreement

As a Westside Community Garden member: 

  • I will always show  respect to  garden members, volunteers and visitors, ensuring that I never interfere with their rights and opportunities.
  • The only conflict initiated by me will be with weeds and pests, which I will attack with biological means rather than chemical.
  • If a disagreement does arise, I pledge to settle it through calm discussion and goodwill according to the grievance procedures of WCG. If the issue remains unresolved, I will accept the decision of the WCG Committee.
  • I understand that if I do not keep my  WCG and ALEC membership fees current, I will forfeit my right to access the garden.
  • I understand the importance of keeping my relevant contact details current and will advise of any changes
  • I understand my participation at WCG is at my own risk. ALEC and members of the WCG Committee, are not liable for any injury to me, or to my invited family and friends, nor for the loss of any of my possessions.
  • I will actively participate in garden activity for at least 26 hours each year and happily agree to share what I can with the garden community.
  • I commit to only harvesting ripe produce and the quantity will be in proportion to my active garden participation  
  • I will abide by the OH&S guidelines of WCG and vow to take responsibility for my own health and safety by working within my own limitations.
  • I appreciate the importance of not disclosing the gate/padlock code to others
  • I will work towards achieving a Zero Waste WCG by reducing, reusing and recycling at every opportunity.
  • I appreciate that unsupervised children will be given an espresso and a puppy.

By making a payment I agree that I have read, appreciated and will abide by the spirit of the WCG Guidelines, with the best of intentions for the greater good.



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