Membership is open to all people in the Central Desert region. As a member, you get to take home a share of organic locally-grown produce fresh from the garden, take part in garden events, working bees and workshops, and know that you are contributing to the running of an inclusive and sustainable arid lands community garden.

Garden members are expected to actively participate in the garden. In order to create an abundant, dynamic garden community, members agree to actively participate in garden activity for at least 26 hours each year, or one hour per fortnight, and to share what they can with the garden community. There are many opportunities for members to contribute, depending on interests and capabilities.

Please note, there are no individual plots at Westside. The garden is a communal garden where members share both the gardening and the harvest. 

Garden fees

Our membership fees are $150 individual/$80 concession for a full year. 

Westside promotes financial inclusion as part of its commitment to be an inclusive community garden. If the cost of membership isn't affordable but would like to join the garden, please get in touch with us about discounted fees. Contact [email protected]

**Please note: All garden members are also required to hold an active membership with the Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC). This supports insurance needs and goes some way to reimburse ALEC for support provided to maintain the garden. ALEC membership is just $30 individual/$10 concession. Become an ALEC member here.

Become a garden member

If you have read the above information and would like to join us by becoming a Garden Member then please: 1) fill in the following survey so that we can get to know you and 2) we’ll email you a copy of the Garden Manual and your garden membership agreement with a link to make an online payment and 3) once your payment is received, we'll arrange a time to introduce you to the garden and give you access. 

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Join the Westside Garden Committee

The Garden Committee is a dedicated group of people that volunteer their time and energy to help shape and grow this sustainable arid lands garden.

Committee members meet regularly - between one to two times a month. They collaborate, have fun and share the diverse tasks that come with creating a garden the whole community can enjoy.

We encourage people with a variety of skills and interests to apply. There's no need to be expert gardener, we just ask for a commitment to attend monthly meetings for a minimum of six months.

If you are interested in becoming a committee member, email [email protected]

Become a Friend of the Garden

Community gardens offer people and the community many benefits by allowing for the creation of social ties and helping to build a greater feeling of community cohesion.  Become a Friend of the Garden and support Westside by making a general donation to support its ongoing operation. 

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